Discover the Benefits of ERP Integration with Astra


Does My Business Need ERP Integration?

With so many large, big name, and global companies entrusting their systems to vendors of ERP software, it is almost no longer an advantage to have ERP integration, but rather a competitive disadvantage if you don’t. Enterprise Resource Planning software integrates and runs all aspects of your business- yes, ALL. Everything from sales leads to raw materials, management schedules, the optimization of inventory, production planning, and financial controls from shipping fees to payroll- data from all of these points collected and assembled into one accessible mainframe. An ERP system allows businesses to identify and eliminate both waste and inefficiencies, improve their customer relationships, and facilitate real-time collaboration.

The insight and visibility offered through an established and functioning ERP system allows companies to maintain their competitive edge within their distinctive industry, helps make critical business decisions, and improves productivity throughout every part of the company cycle.

Does My Business Need Astra?

At Astra, our goal is to help you choose and implement an ERP system that is the right fit for you. ERP integration can be a complex process, but each module of an ERP system can be implemented independently, in phases based on your current business needs and staff availability.

In order to achieve successful ERP integration, you will need to maintain management support, set clear business goals and objectives, manage your expectations, communicate clearly, and fully educate the system’s users. Those who started the project should see it through to it’s completion, remain accountable and responsible- and act as a sort of ERP guardian. Have ready a list of specific measurable benefits that you want your ERP system to deliver; what objectives mark full project completion? Communicate openly and in-depth with your employees; involve them early on in the project, and handle this large business process change together.

Astra can provide more advice for successful ERP integration. Visit our website or give us a call today to learn more!