Choose Intelligent Analytics. Choose Astra.

What can ASTRA do for YOU?


Choosing the right business intelligence analytics software can seem like a daunting task, maybe something you’ve put off until your business could barely handle its amassing client volume. Growth is better than good, it’s great. It’s something you need if you are to have company longevity and vitality- so you want to be sure that you are meeting all of your inventory, production, and distribution expectations.

The key to keeping all of those new customers happy (and away from your competitors) is through the solutions provided with finding the perfect business intelligence analytics software fit for your unique business needs. The right software vendor not only provides a point of contact for purchasing your ERP systems, but offers continuing support throughout the process of implementation as well as far into the system’s operation. This is where Astra far outshines other ERP companies. As well as offering IFS Applications for sale for your business, Astra’s expert team remains available to you for whatever ERP crisis might happen to arise (and finger’s crossed- there won’t be any!)

Our consultants bring valuable guidance, advice, and critical knowledge to every project. Our technical experts stand by to ensure that your ERP system is always running optimally. We can personally perform IFS system software modifications if needed. Astra is by your side from pre to post system takeoff, and can fulfill your every ongoing support need. At Astra, successful implementation results are our specialty!

And while we hope that you choose Astra when choosing your business intelligence analytics software, but we are happy to help guide you and your company in any way- even if you simply enlist our help as business consultants to better understand the latest in this developing ERP industry. Give us a call and speak to one of our advisers today!