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Astra Brings IFS to Your Company


Contact Astra today and discover your guides into the complex and ever adapting world of business process management solutions. Astra’s team are the industry leading ERP experts, and your solutions to managing every component of your company through connected, integrated software.

ERP can often encompass many other components of your business, and can include management applications involving:

-Supply Chain Management
-Warehouse Management Systems
-Customer Relationship Management Software
-Field Service Management Software
-and more!

Let Us Help Do Your Research!

It is important to take your time when selecting the perfect ERP software for you, as well as evaluate and understand the capabilities of the ERP software that you choose for your company. Oftentimes there will be applications designed specifically for a particular industry, and Astra can help you in choosing the right ERP software for you.

Astra prides itself on its expertise in IFS applications, and use customized IFS software comprised of 100+ integrated business components. These business components are made up of 6000+ smaller software components, each with a specific and well defined purpose. The program interface allows one to fine-tune, adjust, evolve, and alter small components as you see fit- without affecting the complex inner workings of the other components. You can even add components without disrupting the others already in place. IFS and other business process management solutions are available with help from the experts at Astra.

Let Astra provide you with the knowledge and technological advances needed to combine, organize, and maintain the data necessary for your company’s growth and daily operations. Allow our ERP systems to merge your organization’s key departments including procurement, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales, financial, human resources, and customer relations into one unified and connected software system. And because your business is distinct and focused, it is important to evaluate and implement your business process management solutions carefully and correctly. Choose the application as distinctive as your vision. Give the team at Astra a call today, or CLICK HERE to contact one of our experts now!