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Can CRM make a difference for my company?

Investing in a form of customer data analysis can bring in significant financial rewards for your company. As your organization’s marketing, sales, and customer service departments gather more clients, companies often struggle with making sense of the large amount of data that is coming in from customer’s personal information, purchase history, public records, and external databases. CRM Customer Relationship Management is a term that ERP consultants use when referring to the practices, strategies, and technologies that are available to growing businesses that desire a way to manage and analyze large amounts of customer interactions and data. This integrated software allows business owners to more easily access and utilize client information- to better keep track of various customer buying preferences, purchase and order history, tasks, calendars, phone calls and meetings- providing a virtual assistant to connect all points of contact effortlessly.

A few common features of CRM Customer Relationship Management software include:

Automated Marketing
-Automated marketing software can turn your lukewarm sales leads into fresh new customers with instant automatic contact via email or social media. The system can then prompt a call from your sales staff to follow up shortly after.

Automated Sales Force
Automatically track phone calls, live chats, and any other method of contact between your staff and the customers, preventing time-consuming miscommunication or duplicate efforts. Sales force automation will easily compile all forms of communication into a main database for easy access, readability, and utilization.

Automated Contact Systems
Choosing to automate your phone systems or live chat operations can effectively reduce unnecessary manpower currently involved those aspects that can easily be handled by the friendly computer-generated voices of today. These phone programs can assist in basic customer recognition and problem solving. Various CRM Customer Relationship Management tools will integrate with the desktops of your sales staff, handling simple customer requests, simplifying the customer service process and cutting down on paid human support.

Location-Based Services
Some CRM software can even automatically market according to a customer’s physical geographical location. Geo-location technology can be used to network or discover sales prospects based on locational needs.

These are just a few features to keep in mind when selecting the perfect CRM Customer Relationship Management software. At Astra, you can trust our experts to thoroughly examine the individual needs of your company before making our application suggestion. Give Astra a call to get started today!