Is ERP Right for Me?

ERP Companies and Small Business

What can ERP companies do for me?

Wondering what all of these ERP companies can do for your business? As your business grows, it attracts more business- eventually even international attention. With new clients both locally and overseas, most large companies find themselves wasting manpower attempting to collect and collaborate vital information across multiple channels. In order to avoid having essential information slip through the cracks, you enlist the aid of an ERP consultant such as Astra.

It seems that there are hundreds of ERP companies. How do I choose the right one?

Astra is here to help. Our team of experts can ease your growing business into the world of ERP solutions. We’ll help you do your research, to find which ERP applications are the right fit for your needs. What industry are you in? Aerospace? Health and Wellness? Distribution? We will tailor an ERP solution to your specific company dynamic, creating a mainframe with access to all of your unique business portals.

So can ERP Systems help my small business?

Do you think that an ERP system is too complicated, too expensive, or unnecessary for your small business? Not if you want to see growth, viability, and efficiency in the future! Yes, you will have to put forth effort up front to adopt these new processes and implement the ERP system, but once the learning curve passes, the efficiency stays! Same staff, more work done. ERP is for all sizes of industry, not just the big guys. Small businesses often struggle with growth, and if your business can’t satisfy higher order volumes, customers will turn to your competitors. An ERP system lets you both handle larger client volumes and helps track everything from inventory to client relations accurately and easily. Automated systems taking over for human hands means that you and your key employees can finally take a vacation and not worry about anything falling apart while you’re away! ERP systems, once fully implemented, remain independent of the people operating them.

I’m not sure…

If you still aren’t convinced that ERP software is the right choice for your business, contact Astra today. Our experts will walk you through every Enterprise Resource Planning Solution available and ensure that you make the right decision for your company.

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