Organizations invest a large amount of money, time, and effort in buying and customizing a new ERP system to fit their business. Problems can arise when organizations fail to properly populate a new system with legacy data. Often data migration activity is left to the last minute, and clients end up dropping data from the legacy system straight into the new system.

Astra helps take the risk out of data migration. Our highly experienced technical and functional resources offer comprehensive data extraction from legacy systems, transformation/mapping and loading (ETL) into IFS.

We consider data migration a critical part of the IFS implementation. It should involve C-level executives, IT, vendors, and other partners as needed.

Your IFS Solution and implementation is only as good as the legacy data that gets migrated into IFS. Many times poor data migration quality lingers long past go-live, jeopardizing the success of your IFS implementation. While few migrations are perfect, Astra will make data migration easier, more efficient, and more accurate.

Stages of a good migration include:

  • Data Identification
  • Data Extraction
  • Data Verification
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Verification (again after Transformation)
  • Data Loading

Migration Dos and Don’ts

Data migration poses challenges for every implementation. We recommend all our clients consider the following when planning a data migration:

  • Do prepare for data leakages before starting the planning for data migration. Data loss can happen when legacy systems are over 20 years old and companies have lost institutional knowledge due to age and turnover.
  • Do establish a Project Board that monitors both the ERP system Implementation and ERP Data Migration Project.
  • Do start the ERP Data Migration project immediately after all the Business Processes are mapped with the new ERP System, i.e., early in the implementation project.
  • Do accurately identify all of the Legacy systems.
  • Do decide which historical information to migrate and which to leave behind.
  • Do decide whether to migrate data in “Phased Manner” or “One Shot.”
  • If there are many legacies with redundant data, don’t let duplicate data go in the new ERP system, .

At Astra, we want your data migrations to be stellar! Contact us on how to improve your data migration plan.