Astra Offers IFS Applications and IFS ERP System Support

Astra is proud to offer expertise and support for your IFS ERP System!




IFS Applications is a fully integrated, component-based ERP software supplied by many ERP consulting companies around the world. The services provided with the IFS ERP system aid in the processes for large batch and continuous manufacturing, as well as provide strong local and international customer support. IFS Applications tends to have the agility and flexibility to handle diverse operational requirements of various company divisions.

IFS Applications encompasses many components of business management, and new components can be added and connected at any time as your business expands. IFS provides real-time visibility across your entire enterprise, immediately improving operations and processes through streamlining and adapting to the changes in economy and your own company. IFS Applications aid in communication and collaboration across various departments, help accelerate growth, integrate all business functions and establish common business practices.

IFS Applications is often the best choice for global operations- it can easy adapt, support multiple models and diverse divisions of your business, integrate different methods and modes of manufacturing, and offers automated comfort and security across a wide range of platforms. IFS Applications is in current use in more than 50 countries, and is usually implemented in the following industries:
-Automotive, Aerospace and Transportation
-Security and Defense
-Utilities and Telecommunication

-Process Industry
-Retail and Wholesale Distribution
-Construction, Contracting, and Service Management

This IFS ERP system is the perfect fit for companies that are project-based and service oriented. IFS Applications gives companies a chance to react to changing business markets in a cost effective manner. Companies can support and improve business practices and processes by collaborating more closely with customers, contractors, vendors, and suppliers. IFS Applications control functionality for resource scheduling, whether those resources be your employees or your raw materials. Experience the best in call, client, and case management, mobile solutions for your workforce in the field, document and records management, and much more with the experts at Astra and our IFS ERP System!