Lead Your Company With IFS Business Analytics

IFS Business Analytics Sets The New Industry Standard

IFS Applications has become the standard ERP solution industry leaders around the world. It has been dominated the zones of enterprise asset management systems and computerized maintenance management systems globally. IFS Applications is smartly designed and well balanced software that offers high support throughout it’s various modules. It is quickly becoming an essential need for businesses of medium or larger size to effectively manage their assets and daily operations.

The operations that produce revenue can evolve and require adjustments and updates as you react to changes in today’s ever-fluctuating market. In regards to functionality, IFS business analytics provides the ultimate solution in production management software.


IFS Financials: Gain a new financial perspective by investigating and scrutinizing the details of popular new trends and transactions.

IFS Human Resources: save valuable time and money by managing your most valuable assets effectively.

IFS Engineering/Product Design: specify and configure design elements, ensure quality, manage the project life cycle, and integrate between purchasing, engineering, and manufacturing processes.

IFS Manufacturing: create an automated flow for advanced management and functionality. This solution supports planning, execution, control, analysis, and even mixed-mode manufacturing.

IFS Distribution: visualize product flows and use your own system more efficiently. This solutions allows for easy adaptability to different distribution models and working methods.

IFS Sales and Support:
manage the customer interaction chain from the lead through the delivery- and keeping ongoing support and service available for the customer.

IFS Maintenance: easily anticipate and adapt to environmental and internal demands. manages day-to-day maintenance requirements for your continuous development and improvement.

IFS Business Performance: Role-based portals and mobile solutions brings the latest web-based technologies to your table. Interact with customers and vendors easily overseas all while ensuring security, performance, and efficiency.

These IFS business analytics solutions proudly offered by Astra can help streamline the implementation of any growth strategy, whether it be a simple marketing scheme or a complex 5-year plan. The diligent team at Astra will remain responsive and professional- always available to help and assist with any IFS business analytics need!