Papers are a necessary part of doing business, but they do stack up!

Manual filing systems waste a lot of time: someone has to manually make the files, find the files, file the papers, then search for those files later if necessary.

AutoArchive gets your time back. You simply scan your documents on a scanner, and AutoArchive attaches a clickable image to the appropriate file in IFS. AutoArchive scans:

  • Shop Orders
  • Customer Orders
  • Receipts
  • HR documents
  • Purchase Orders
  • Many more… the possibilities are endless

No more searching, no more manual filing, and no more ugly filing cabinets taking up valuable space at your facility.

“I would absolutely recommend AutoArchive. It saved us probably the equivalent of a half-time employee, and we’re not even done implementing it everywhere yet. The implementation went surprisingly well. The Astra team did a great job for us, and we find the product very economical.”

-Alex Ivkovic, IT Manager at CDF