When it comes to AP, efficiency is everything. Without it, you’re paying staff members to read invoices, retype data into IFS, store paper invoices and search for them again when suppliers call, manually search for receipts, compare them to POs for discrepancies, determine the cost coding, and obtain manual approvals.

Why not automate the AP process? You’ll reduce the cost of invoicing by 80%. You’ll reduce invoice processing time by 75%. You’ll gain a five-fold increase in early pay discounts!

Astra’s FastAP

Our FastAP automatically creates the complete invoice record within the IFS supplier invoice entry screen and creates a PDF of the invoice which is visible in the AP module. This eliminates manual data entry and paper invoices.

The IFS Supplier Invoice Workflow module component of FastAP automatically matches each invoice against receipts and POs. Then it codes the invoices to the correct account.

This means:

  1. Matched invoices are fully authorized and ready for final posting.
  2. Your AP staff is able to resolve any invoice exceptions and improve the process.
  3. You gain an ROI within 18-24 months from a combination of improved process effectiveness and cost savings in staff time and paper storage and handling.

More IFS customers in North America use FastAP than any other product to automate their supplier invoice processing. You can too!