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BI & Analytics

Chances are, your IFS and other legacy systems contain a rich pool of data. Unless you’re using an advanced business intelligence (BI) software, all that data can remain hidden and inaccessible.

At Astra, we can help you use BI tools to shed light on those systems so you can easily access and utilize the data.

Providing a 360-degree view of your organization’s overall health, BI software lets you access reliable and easy-to-digest information so you can make educated decisions faster. Standard business intelligence software uses an underling data warehouse to drive decision support systems, making your access to information slower and clunkier. The IFS BI data warehouse, on the other hand, gives you real-time access to ad hoc reports, online charts and tables, graphical dashboards, financial reports, scorecards, and key performance indicators. You can view data in summary form or in close detail to investigate concerns or potential anomalies.

IFS has made it easier for organizations to leverage the power of BI.

Astra can help you sort through your BI needs and make IFS BI work for you.