Additional Solutions


IFS Applications is a single, integrated product that supports the management of four core processes: Service and Asset, Manufacturing, Projects, and Supply Chain. It is a complete ERP solution for all business needs.

Who uses IFS Applications?

Over 2,000 customers use IFS Applications in more than 60 countries. They represent Mining & Resources, Oil & Gas, Construction & Engineering, Utilities, High Tech, Manufacturing, Pulp & Paper, Service & Facilities Management, Aerospace & Defense, among others.

What capabilities does IFS Applications offer?

IFS Applications is comprised of 100+ business components, which in turn are made up of 6000+ smaller software components. Each component has a well-defined purpose and interface, allowing it to change and evolve without affecting other components. This flexibility allows you to choose only the business components you need and add additional components when needed.

These components include:

  • Financial Components: These components give you a comprehensive view of your business from a variety of perspectives. They enhance control at all levels of the organization and support regulatory needs around the world. When you spot a trend worth investigating, you can scrutinize the appropriate financial transactions in detail.


  • Human Resources Components: These components help you manage your company’s most valuable resources more cost-effectivly. They provide fast, accurate analysis for personnel development as well as facilitating essential processes for workforce management and successful strategic human capital management.


  • Engineering Components: These components make it easier to specify and configure design elements, products, assemblies, and facilities. By streamlining the administration of all related documentation, including revisions, these components ensure everyone gets the information they need for technical, administrative, and financial decisions. By helping to integrate purchasing, engineering, and manufacturing processes, these components enable a true cross-company picture.


  • Project Components: These components provide a fully integrated set of tools to manage the complete project life cycle. Working together with other IFS modules such as financials, procurement, inventory, customer orders, manufacturing, and more, they offer effective solutions for companies that use project principles to manage their business.


  • Manufacturing Components: These components utilize a simple, highly automated flow for repetitive tasks. They have advanced management-by-exception functionality to trap and action exceptions. A powerful, multifaceted solution, these components support planning, execution, control, and analysis in all phases of the manufacturing process and for all your employees. They also support lean principles and mixed-mode manufacturing.


  • Supply Chain Components: Distribution components form the basis of the supply chain management solution. These components offer the simplicity you need to better visualize product flows and use the system efficiently. Easily adapted to various distribution models and working methods, they allow for growth and change in your enterprise, letting you take advantage of real-time communication throughout the order-to-delivery chain.


  • Sales & Services Components: These components provide business processes vital to customer relationship management (CRM). They manage the customer interaction chain from the sales lead through the sales cycle to the ongoing support and service of the customer.


  • Maintenance Components: These components are part of a complete enterprise asset management (EAM) system that enables you to anticipate and adapt to the world’s rapidly changing demands. This solution offers the comprehensive, in-depth functionality you need for day-to-day maintenance requirements and for continuous development and improvement.


  • Business Enabler Components: These components let you create and enhance relationships, taking advantage of the latest web-based technologies. Their easy-to-use, role-based portals and built-for-purpose mobile solutions allow you to share personalized, accurate, real-time information with employees, customers, suppliers, and other partners. These components integrate with internal and external systems through web services while ensuring security, performance, and scalability.