Astra’s Advice: Supply Chain Management Policies

Effective Supply Chain Management Policies: Let Astra Help You Promote Good Practices

One of the applications usually implemented with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is some form of supply chain management software. In response to what could be rapid changes in today’s turbulent and constantly evolving economy, it is more important than ever to effectively control, manage and adjust the workings of your supply chains.

So what are the best supply chain management policies? Outlined below are a few software-assisted practices that, when implemented, can become patterned and commonplace in your workplace to maximize supply chain efficiency and productivity.


Expert Forecasting

Even if your company can procure and transport your inventory successfully, until you become familiar with the demand planning process, you won’t see the growth that your company is fully capable of. Not all ERP software can handle the complex and involved forecasting that is so crucial for the success of an international company, so it is important to heavily analyze your software’s forecasting capabilities.

Automated and Streamlined Ordering

As your company grows from the national level to accumulating business oversees, you will find yourself utilizing the foreign market more and more frequently. Most of Astra’s clients work with high volumes of inventory coming in from countries other than their own. Dealing with outside and international manufacturers can potentially add complexity to your inventory and material procurement. Therefore, as a business owner you must evaluate and ensure that the ERP software that you choose has the ability to automatically create purchase orders based on your forecasting and projections. Depending on your industry, your Ordering components will also transmit purchase orders to your vendors (overseas or otherwise).

Logistics and Transportation Management

With these current market tendencies to outsource manufacturing to overseas countries, keeping track of shipments and delivery times can be difficult. With Astra, your shipments are managed from every step and stop in their journey- whether they be on a boat in international waters or just a few stops down the road in your local mail truck.

Advanced Warehouse Management

Once you have obtained your products and they are safe in your warehouse, it is important to have a n effective warehouse management system (WMS) in place. Astra can help guarantee that the ERP software you choose will have efficient processes to pick, pack, and ship orders to your customers. There are many applications of management software available, so be sure to thoroughly analyze the distinctive needs of your business.

These strategies outlined above tend to be competitive advantages- solutions to the need of successful companies to improve their efficiency and communication. It is important to evaluate these and other supply chain management policies when determining the right ERP fit for your business. Talk to Astra’s experts on supply chain management policies today!