Additional Solutions FastAP FastDocs AutoArchive Papers are a necessary part of doing business, but they do stack up! Manual filing systems waste a lot of time: someone has to manually make the files, find the files, file the papers, then search for those files later if necessary. AutoArchive gets your time back. You simply scan […]


Additional Solutions FastAP FastDocs AutoArchive Processing paperwork can slow down your entire business process. Plus it’s tedious for employees and a waste of their valuable time. Astra’s FastDocs does just what it says: It makes processing documents faster! FastDocs instantly transforms the way contracts, HR documents, customer orders, engineering drawings, and other documents arrive in […]

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Additional Solutions FastAP FastDocs AutoArchive When it comes to AP, efficiency is everything. Without it, you’re paying staff members to read invoices, retype data into IFS, store paper invoices and search for them again when suppliers call, manually search for receipts, compare them to POs for discrepancies, determine the cost coding, and obtain manual approvals. […]