Understanding ERP vs CRM with Astra

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The current commercial market is flooded with innovative and state of the art technical and informational software, all claiming to assist with organization and collection of data for your business. With so many acronyms, industry phrases, and interpretations that can muddy the understanding how to maintain company efficiency, it can be difficult to choose the right software supplier. Astra is here to help! We can assist you with better understanding the difference between erp vs crm and much more.

What exactly is ERP vs CRM?

ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, is a distinctive category of business management software used to compile, store, and manage data from different components of your business operations, such as product planning and purchase, manufacturing, marketing, shipping, etc. ERP focuses on the balance between your business’s resources (such as cash, manpower, and raw materials) vs your business’s commitments (needed supply, payroll, and orders from your customers).

ERP software is usually maintained by a fully-integrated main database, which has access across all points of data collection throughout your company. ERP software has the ability to connect your invoicing systems to purchase orders, and your production schedules to your employee payroll. ERP software can encompass many different programs, processes, and components. It can reach directly into your CRM systems (see below) to in order to correctly process orders, manage customer accounts, and allow for sustainable profitability.

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is often described as a core element of ERP. CRM focuses on the practices, strategies, and technologies as a whole your company uses to manage and analyze customer interactions and data from the first moment of contact to the completion of business, hopefully far into the future. The goal of CRM is to drive sales growth and improve the business relationships you have with your existing customers. CRM software will compile information from different channels of access such as telephone and live chat records, direct mail, your company’s website and various social media platforms. These systems can give your staff that handle customers directly detailed information, buying preferences, and client purchase history, all in one easily accessible location.

While this is merely a summary of the subtle differences between erp vs crm, there are many complex aspects to the Enterprise Resource Planning industry. You can visit our website or give our staff at Astra a call to find out more about how Our Expertise can help you better your business today!