Just What Are ERP Systems?

Find your company’s future with the help of an ERP system!


We all have participated in projects that have not been completed as smoothly as we first hoped or anticipated. And most of us will experience the same sort of professional failure again in our lives simply becuase failure is part of the learning process, both for organizations and individuals. However, if we, as experienced professionals, do not learn from our failed patterns and mistakes, we will see failure more often than not.

How Can I Help My Company Further Avoid Project Failure?

Astra is here to offer help in the form of ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning. A blossoming industry, ERP is a cateory of software- software usually used by business management to collect, store, manage, and interpret data throughout the company. This data can come from various points in the customer cycle, such as shipping schedules, employee payroll, and many others. Enterprise Resource Planning can be a complex subject, and your best bet is to hire a professional in the subject- professionals such as the expert team at Astra!

Many companies are trusting ERP systems as their answer to productivity, efficiency, and profitability, but exactly what are ERP systems?

So what are ERP systems?

ERP systems access and share this data across various connected interfaces and compiles the information into one main database. They provide in integrated view of core business processes using this database, and aid in various aspects of company work flow, including:
-inventory management
-product purchase
-marketing and sales
-production planning
-employee scheduling, records, and payroll
-shipping scheduling and management
-payment and invoicing

ERP systems often operate in real-time and manage outside connections as well as internal ones.

ERP can include applications that improve your company’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM), as well as assist with your Field Service Management. At Astra, we use IFS applications to integrate all of your data points. You can find out more about IFS applications HERE.